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Don't just take our word for how great WOOF&BREW is - our customers testimonials speak volumes for the benefits adding our blends can have.

“My dogs love their Woof&Brew! I usually give it to them as part of their evening feed, mixed in, and they just lap it up. Both have good shiny, healthy coats and boundless energy and I think their herbal tea is part of that  I am a nutritional therapist for humans so I do know the value of herbal teas with my clients and I don’t think of the dogs any differently. Keep up the good work” - Jayne Bryne (Hector & Daisy)

“My dogs love your tea.” -Louise Rowe

“Bryn really enjoyed his dinner with the tea and actually liked the tea more than his food.” - Abbey Rance & Bryn – Springer Spaniel)

“All the dogs really liked the teabags.”  - Kirsty Russell (Barney, Finn, Dilys, Enza – Border Collies)

"Reg (Welsh Terrier aged 12) thoroughly enjoys his new drink and took to it straight away, which
was quite a surprise as he's normally quite fussy. I noticed a difference after a week or so. Reg was suffering from achy joints, he wasn't able to walk around as much as he used to and getting up from his bed was very difficult. Since using the tonic he definitely seems much more alert and happier in himself. It must be helping with his aches and pains as he can get around much easier now. I'm very pleased that the tonic has improved his wellbeing. Thank you!"

“Definitely works!” - Gill Matthews (Dexter – Black Labrador and Sonny – Blue Staffordshire Bull Terrier)

"My two English Springer Spaniels just love these biscuits and I will definitely be buying more."
Jenny King

My whole doggy family are using Woof&Brew  - that’s Monty the 3 year old working Springer, Sid the 7 x year old Jack Russell Cross, Bob a 20 x year old JRT mixed parsons and Scampi a 10 x year old JRT. I started using the Feel Good blend – now Bob and Scampi are on the senior blend. We dilute a bag in 250 ml of boiling water – let it cool and add a tablespoon on each of their dinners – like a jus or gravy. The most dramatic difference has been in Bob and Scampi – the golden oldies – Bob as a twenty year old had given up on his walks. But remarkably after only 1 x week on the senior blend – he’s up and doing easily a mile a day with his housemate Scampi. He’s alert and seems brighter in his head. He’s been incontinent and this has stopped too! In fact despite being 20 he’s acting fitter than Scampi who is 10 x years his junior. Scampi did have terrible trouble with his tummy and unsightly poos , which have now settled down, his appetite is back on form and we’ve got no digestive problems. It can only be the tea that’s had these positive effects as nothing else has changed. The other two Monty and Sid are doing great and certainly have more energy. Monty is always out on shoots as popular worker, he is less stiff after a hard day’s shooting than he was before now being on his herbal brew. All in all our family is more than impressed and converted to the power of these herbal blends there’s no way we’ll stop giving them their daily cuppa!- Sophie Gornall

“Tucker loved the product. He got really excited at the smell of it brewing and enjoyed eating it.” - Helen Levett (Tucker – Labrador Retriever)

“Lapped the tea up – although that might have been to get to the biscuits underneath.” - Anne Vinton (Geri – Border Collie)

“Turned noses up as drink form but when poured over their dried food, not a problem!” - Ian and Janice Duncan (Bella and Indi – Stiff coated Wheaten Terriers)

“Didn’t want much as a drink but when tried on food was great. Improved his appetite significantly.” - Rod Stapley (Des – Whippet)

 "I'd just like to say how much my dogs loved your treats! Well done for an excellent product." - Kate Merriman

“Sadie and Sam have loved their healthy tea for dogs.” - Elaine Freeman

“I bought some of your Ha-Pee Lawns tea bags at Paws in the Park and I must say they work.” - Jackie

“Our dog quite likes the tea, but absolutely loves the tea infused biscuits, particularly when we put them in his bowl of tea and he picks the biscuits out.” - Carol Furneaux (Roxy – Cocker Spaniel/Miniature Poodle X)

“Areas where she urinated no longer burned brown. After 2 days of stopping the tea faint brown stains started to appear.” - Jacqueline Blake (Kofi – Cocker Spaniel)

“Fewer brown pee patches.” - Ginette Evans (Prada and Muffin)

“Saw an improvement in just two weeks!” - Kathryn Hall (Sam – Collie/Springer X)

“He normally pees in the same place, I could not see any further brown patches once we started using Ha-Pee Lawns.”

"Loved the new Nom treats (well my boys did anyway)! The packaging looked professional & most importantly my two Leonbergers LOVE them! I think the bone shape is a great idea & they are small enough to be training treats without over doing the treat intake! Great product, well done!" - Steve Clements (Fudge – Labrador)

“Noticeable improvement” - Abbey Rance (Bryn – Springer Spaniel)

“Yes! My grass is recovering from previous stains and no new patches have appeared.” - Janice Smith (Casper and Judd – English Springer Spaniels)

“The lawn seems to be in a much better condition.” - Sherry Short (Alfie – Havanese)

“Not been any new brown patches and even an improvement in the look of the grass!” - Karon Pyatt (Blue – Weimarane)

“No further yellow patches appeared, so it’s been successful!”

 My two Leonbergers love the new herbal tea treats, they arrived today! - Julie Morris

“Within 3 weeks fewer burn patches than usual.” - Jacqueline Dean (Chubbs – Chocolate Labrador)

 “Had many burnt patches before but less after just the first week.” - Rod Stapley (Des – Whippet)

“No new brown patches have been noticed!” - Anne Slater (Ruby and Lily – Golden Retrievers)

“Our mutts love the senior dogs brew. Mum was even tempted to have a sip! Nice meeting you guys.” - Carolina Burriello

“I got some from you at crufts and the fresh breath certainly works and my girl loves the blend.” - Nikki Germain

“After trying the skin and coat blend for 7 days muffin ceased to scratch himself.” - Susan from Bournemouth (Muffin)