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We have answered what we believe would be the main questions, but if you have a question that doesn't appear below just e-mail it to us on and we will get back to you with an answer as soon as possible.

Q: Can't I just give my dog normal tea or regular herbal teas?
A: What you choose to give your dog is ultimately up to you. Lots of people do give their dogs tea, even with milk and sugar but this isn't something we would recommend. Caffeine is not good for dogs and milk is very hard on their digestive system. As for sugar.... words fail us on that one we're afraid, other than please don't give your dog sugar! WOOF&BREW blends have been specifically designed for a dog's general well being, with each herb added having a specific purpose. They are also veterinary approved as safe.

Q: Isn't this just another gimmick?
A: No! Absolutely not. Whilst the idea of giving your dog a cup of herbal tea might sound mad, there are huge health benefits to supplementing your dogs diet with key vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. By infusing these herbs in hot water, you can ensure all the lovely goodness is being extracted from them. If you still feel a little sceptical, don't take our word for it - check out our testimonials page

Q: How do I know which format & blend to choose?
A: There is no difference in terms of the benefits between the teabags and the tonics, it's just a matter of how much preparation you are prepared to do. The teabag format offers better value for money but the tonics are ready to serve and require no preparation. In terms of selecting a blend, we have listed all the benefits of each blend on this site within the blends section. If you are still unsure as to which blend to opt for you can e-mail us or seek advice from your vet.

Q: I have more than one dog, how much should I use?
A: For the teabag format, some of our current customers do use one bag between two or three dogs but we would always recommend one doggy bag per dog per day, ensuring that the bag is allowed to infuse as noted on the brewing instructions, to get the maximum benefit. For the tonic format please see the dosage guide on this site / on the bottle label.

Q: Is it safe?
All our blends are made using herbs that are deemed safe for animal consumption. To make sure of this, we commissioned an investigative report that means they are classed as 'veterinary approved as safe'. If you have any specific concerns over whether to give these products to your dog, or if they would conflict with any medication they are currently on, you can always seek advice from your vet. We DO NOT recommend giving any of the blends to puppies and pregnant or nursing dogs. Please refer to the warnings and advice section for each blend if you are unsure.

Q: What if my dog doesn't like to drink much?
A: Some of our customers have this issue and have already contacted us to say that they now pour the teabag infusion (without the cold water top-up) onto their dog's meal. This way they are still going to gain all the nutrients and benefits from the brew. If you choose to serve it this way, please ensure you DO NOT SERVE HOT. Wait until the infusion has fully cooled before giving to your dog. Or you can use the ready to serve tonics that are a concentrated version of the teabag format.

Q: I have just purchased some of your tea but my dog refuses to drink it, what should I do?
A: As with any new and unfamiliar product we would recommend you persist for a few days, but provide an alternative water supply for your dog whilst doing this if using the teabag format. We have had a few customers say their dogs have turned their noses up initially but are now happily lapping it up. If your dog is still unsure, or is prone to a little fussiness, we would recommend you opt for the alternative serving style of over their food. This applies to both the teabag and tonic format.

Q: My dog is on medication; can they still have WOOF&BREW?
A: Whilst our blends are veterinary approved as safe, we would always recommend discussing this with your vet before to make sure it will not conflict with any medication your dog might be on.

Q: We also have a cat that shares the dog's water bowl, is it safe for cats?
A: The short answer is yes. Whilst WOOF&BREW is ultimately designed for dogs, our report confirmed that the blends are veterinary approved as safe for cats as well.

Q: What recommendations are made when using WOOF&BREW products?
A: WOOF&BREW seek external advice from a team of experts, including veterinary surgeons, who advise the following: It is not essential, but is recommended, that dogs are over 4 months old before starting any supplement product because their immune and digestive systems may be immature before this age. If your dog is pregnant or nursing, or suffers from a chronic, long-term illness or disease you may wish to seek advice from your veterinary surgeon before using this product alongside other medication. Please remember this product is a herbal supplement only and should not be used to directly replace normal nutrition or medicine prescribed from a veterinary surgeon.